How to Become an Advanced Human Soul. Part 1

How to Become an Advanced Human Soul

by: Danell Glade, original: https://prepareforchange.net/2016/01/31/how-to-become-an-advanced-human-soul/

I had another epiphany last week-end while I was taking a class up in Montana. The class was a spiritual class on creating a future. Do you believe there is going to be a future? And if the answer is yes, is it going to be more of the same (and getting worse) . . . or will it truly be different. Good different. Fabulous different. We have too many people on this planet now who don’t believe there will be much of a future. It’s like the spell of “why bother” has been cast (or sprayed) upon the human. I want to inform you of a few things and get you out of that belief. Stop negative creations and begin to create your future, our future.

But first – we have to back up and talk about what is so so so so so so so magnificent about Human Beings that the “Cabal” will do just about anything to get it’s control over the human. Is it our looks? emotions? sex? reproduction? 10 fingers and 10 toes? brains? What is it that is so coveted, so desired by those that . . . don’t have it, that are afraid of it’s power and want to control it and then destroy it in humans. I’m not going to tell you up front – keep reading, keep thinking

What is a human being? Here’s my favorite definition; soul embodied in flesh who knows free will. That sounds good to me only . . . we really don’t live in free will. A few humans on earth do and there might be a few physical places on this planet that you have free will, but really . . . this is NOT a free will planet. It was supposed to be a free will planet. That thought and gift of free will needs to be in our future plans.

What if the humans’ central nervous system and soul are constantly being manipulated – we’re seeing it more and more each day. Somebody and something else is pulling the strings of humans. Right before Christmas time there was a mall full of shoppers and “all of a sudden” 2,000 people starting fighting in different parts of the mall. That’s not just 5 or 10, but 2,000. Here’s the link:


When I look at that story, I think something is really strange – and basically, some technology was being “practiced” that day, to see how many people in a busy mall will unconsciously react to “let’s fight each other” frequency. This example of mind control is just one of the many many ways humans are being manipulated. And I don’t like it one bit. Someone is using technology to try and control your thoughts and actions and the degree of submission is at all time new levels. Someone wants you to be numb, someone wants you to dislike and hate other humans. Someone/something wants to dictate “your” thoughts. It’s not IF we are being mind controlled, it’s how far have you allowed the control to affect you. The first defense is knowing it’s going on. It goes on daily while you’re awake and while you sleep. . . unless you say & do otherwise.

The next course is to take some action. How do we counteract this “invisible” puppet master? How can we stay clean? clear? and rise above this kind of bullying?

I want to relay some quick activities you can take each day to stay clean and clear in your own body and soul.

1 – Awareness – that this crazy “game” is going on. You need to be MORE AWARE than all of your lifetimes because your SPIRIT is being sucked out of your soul. Humans are having and allowing their spirit to be sucked out of their soul. But . . there are things you can do to stand in your power and not let that happen to you. Let’s say you are at that mall and you have the thought to start a fight. Question that thought. Is it your own thought because IT MIGHT NOT BE. File it under “not my thought”.

Action: Say that out loud: NOT MY THOUGHT. That is not ME!!

Action: Say your name 3 or 4 times. Say your full name: I AM (full name). I AM ONLY (full name). I AM NO ONE BUT (full name). Let’s say your name is John Michael Smith. You just have this thought and strong angry feeling that you should fight and slug someone. Pause. say: Not my thought. I AM John Michael Smith. I AM ONLY John Michael Smith. I AM NO ONE BUT John Michael Smith. Now act it and live it.

2 – Maintain your inner connection with YOU. Do you have that sense of your own inner connection with your brain and with your body and your spirit and soul so you’re not disjointed. You may need to align yourself so you’re not pulled into a delusion of someone else’s story.

Action: say several times and with power: I AM “IT” for myself and I reside in the one field connected to my own chain of command. (Name your chain of command).

Action: I am John Michael Smith. I AM “IT” for myself and I reside in the one field connected to my body, spirit and my own Soul. Now act like it. Live it.

3 – Go beyond the pineal gland. Remember the pineal was created as a control mechanism. It can only get you to a high heaven level. Go beyond the pineal in your meditations and beliefs. Make sure your SOUL is leading and guiding you, not just your brain/ego.

Action: say “I stand steadfast in Spirit and Soul”. Say it again with power.

Action: Meditate going beyond the pineal gland. Join the weekly liberation meditations. http://2012portal.blogspot.com

4 – STAY CLEAN with your energy and your INTENT.

Action: say: I AM The PRIME DIRECTIVE of my life, my thoughts and my actions.

Action: Write down your plan for you. State your intents.

5 – Codes are for the benefit of humanity. Codes are encased in the energies coming from the central sun via the galactic and our solar sun. Each step is a step down to make them more usable by humans and their DNA. (another reason for geo-engineering is to hide the sun from humans).

Action: Go out in the sun and absorb the sun’s energies and light. Thank the sun in return for bringing humans the codes that are changing everything. Thank our solar sun. Thank our galactic sun. Thank the central sun. Imagine yourself being embraced by those codes and you opening your arms to receive the codes into your energy field and into every cell and DNA of your being. Breathe them in.


6 – The collective Human consciousness. Oh my. IF . . .if the Human consciousness was filled with oneness and love and purpose and truth and disclosure and kindness and generosity . . . . that would truly terrify the Cabal. It can be such a powerful force if we can come together. So of course there is this plan using mind control and other nefarious frequencies to try to control, divide and separate us – keep us in-fighting, blaming, quarreling, killing and being filled with FEAR.

Action: Tell others so they can be aware of the FEAR plan. Say NO to the Fear Plan. Let us come together and change it to the liberation plan, the free-will plan. We must maintain our humanity.

7 – Take care of your physical body. Energies are high, but can be different and difficult to navigate. Energy can be fatiguing and depleting. Re-fill your “cup”.

Action: Sleep. Eat good food. Take your vitamins and minerals. Play and relax too. Get a massage – do something for yourself.

Action: Take time to thank and appreciate your physical body. Thank your organs and glands and cells and blood. Give them some recognition and love.

Action: Fall in love with your body, your heart, your soul and spirit. Treasure yourself. Each soul is so very precious and important here.

8 – Take care of your Brain. All of your bodies are connected to your BRAIN. Your bodies meaning: physical body, mental body, emotional body, spiritual body. Not your thinking, but your brain. Your brain is connected to your soul. Your soul is connected to your spirit. There is no separation.

Action: I am one in my bodies, brain and soul. I am well connected in who I am physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I feel my brain connected to my soul.

Action: Have a sense of the amazing powers your brain has. Thank your brain.


9 – A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Stay clear. More information is coming out about A.I. Archons are A.I. A whole article will need to be written about this. A.I. is not Human. Be Human. Choose Human.

Conclusion: We are in a most exciting and trying time. Stay centered. Stay calm. Stay connected to your magnificence. We are moving into the Advanced Human. Let us move into our future of the Advanced Human Soul embodied in flesh who knows free will.

Original by DaNell Glade with thanks to my teacher Sharon. Feel free to share the whole article. Jan 31,2016

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