Rows of pre-Adamite bodies taken from ruins where they had been flash frozen during an ancient disaster. Illustration created for Gaia from descriptions by Corey Goode from his observations.

Antarctica in 9400 BC: A Light Workers Point of View

Antarctica 9400 BC

The last year has been filled with speculation about what is happening in Antarctica. From the visits of religious leaders, scientists and politicians, we know that something important is going on there. What it is, remains shrouded in secrecy, but those who want the public to know are using whistle blowers like Cory Goode to give us all a heads up about it. Corey has shared much, but it is up to us to connect the dots about what we are curious about, to make sense of the revelations the best we can.

Most interesting to me is that the Cabal people think it is a great “reveal” one that will increase their credibility, particularly the idea that they are indeed descended from Royal lineage and have a truly “divine right” to rule over us.

I disagree. In fact what is  being revealed is a tale of Galactic sociopaths who have been hounded almost to extinction by opposing forces in the Galaxy. The story about the exploded planet in our solar system seems to be the result of its residents seeking the ability to activate an ancient defensive system for offensive purposes, something that truly alarmed those who felt themselves to be the potential enemies who would suffer the wrath of this system. (think Star Wars, a story that seems to have been inspired as soft disclosure)

Pre-Adamite/Human Hybrid Paracas skull facially reconstructed to show their appearance

The catastrophe that devastated Tiamat dramatically affected Mars as well, greatly reducing is ability support a large population of people, so the survivors of Mars and the destroyed planet between Mars and Jupiter took refuge in a moon, essentially a large spherical space craft, that was modified to be a habitat for them, but eons (2.5 million years) later they were again attacked with the intention of destroying them and their civilization, basically to wipe them out so they would not be a threat again.

Depending upon which narrative you believe, the Royalty escaped the moon and moved to Earth, where numerous beingss from all over the Galaxy already lived in many settlements. They were attracted to Antarctica because of its ancient Builder Race ruins, which contained advanced technology that they could scavenge, They arrived on Antarctica (about 55,000 years ago) where they began to rebuild their way of life on that Southern continent, and spread around the Earth from there. Until the great catastrophe of 9400 BC, they were again becoming a threat to their neighbors and peace in the Galaxy. Perhaps they were feared to be set on revenge, or maybe they were just considered parasitic and sociopathic elements of Galactic society that had to be eliminated, in the same way we view termite infestations in wood framed houses.

According to Cobra, these beings are from Andromeda originally, and have been forced to relocate from there due to their desire to dominate and control other populations. He has said that they are the origin of the Archons, some of which continue to live among us as embodied beings, while others live entirely in the fourth dimension and interact with us as invisible forces affecting the minds and personalities of those they target.

How long they were in our solar system before they arrived in Antarctica is not known, but according to stories shared from Starcraft pilots, Tiamat was already colonized when the Orion peoples began their mining operation here. That would have been as many as 5 million years ago.

The Catastrophe of 9400 BC devastated the entire planet, the Pre-Adamites and the free roaming humans, along with anyone else not connected the mining operators, who organized the disaster, were wiped out. Earth already had advanced societies living on island continents, which were chosen to avoid the large beasts living on the major continents, but these were originally spiritual enclaves populated by colonies from high civilizations seeking refuge from wars and turmoil. They were not a threat to the planet, at least not until they were infested by the genetics of the sociopaths from Tiamat and Mars, they lived in peace and accepted star visitors from the perspective of neutrality.  It is telling that the story being promoted by the Ruling Elite on our planet today, is that it is all the work of the Reptilians, but we also hear from the scientists on Antarctica that the Reptilians were held in check by those (called Pre-Adamites  by the scientists doing the research) (or Anunnaki from Tiamat).

The Reptilian is a generality that covers a variety of beings, some of which were created by the same people whose genetic work resulted in humanity. Like humans, these reptilians were designed to serve their creators, and their design was meant to enable them to work and live underground mining and using machines to fulfill their demands. Their bodies are based on lizard DNA, specifically on a type of predator with the ability to confuse their prey with projections from their minds, this ability has made them especially useful in supervising populations, but their physical strength is not well developed and so for tasks needing physical labor and the ability to carry heavy materials the humans were created to work the surface mines.

The Draco are the warrior class of the Orion Empire, a culture far more advanced and the result of two major Star cultures, those of Sirius and Orion. The Draco are from  the region of the Orion constellation and were the armies of the Orion Empire before it united with the Sirius group in order to avoid a dangerous war that would have damaged them both to such an extent that the Empire would have been vulnerable to conquest from groups on the other side of the Galaxy. In spite of the extreme reptilian appearance the Draco possess high intelligence and social awareness. Operating from 4D, they can use their mental abilities to  control humans easily.

The Sirius group is mammalian and descended from the dominant social group there, a species of wolf, though little evidence of this remains in their appearance today.  The leadership of the Orion Empire is by a Council of Queens, who trust administration to a King.  The administration of Earth was entrusted to the kings and their history is like a game of thrones, with the children plotting to take depose the King and take control of the Empire. The Queens, in the character of matrilineal societies, are mainly concerned with the practical governance of their societies, and allow the male heirs to fight for control without much interference so long as they continue to meet their quotas of export to the Empire.  The Orion queen and Sirian King united to have an heir both their lines, a being known to history and mythology as Enlil.  His half brother Enki was from the Sirius line, and not qualified for the throne of the Empire. Both were tasked to manage the outpost known as Earth, but it was Enki who was responsible for the development of society on Earth. What records we have now are from Sumerian, where the mining operations were managed after the cataclysm. Many other locations were available for them before the disaster of 9400 BC but  the effort to rebuild afterwards focused on the Sumerian lands because that region was spared much of the devastation from the tidal waves and extreme earth movements during the disaster. Although functioning societies existed worldwide, little evidence remains to tell us about them, most are the subject of mythologies, like Atlantis, but the fact that Antarctica was frozen has made it a reality in our time.

This discovery in Antarctica has made Atlantis more real than before, and today curiosity about the island civilization in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is greater than ever.  According to the writings of Plato, Atlantis was one of those island continents. It existed at the convergence three tectonic plates as a volcanic outgrowth in the mid-Atlantic where it was extremely vulnerable to the calamity of 9400 BC, since whatever disturbed the planet to cause it had to have affected the tectonic plates riding on the asthenosphere. The locations astride three plates meant they were subject to severe shocks from both the plates and the surging asthenosphere. Regardless of those shocks, the increased volume of water sent from the icecaps meant that it became a victim of rising waters that flooded into the ancient volcanic fissures beneath it, turned into steam and blew it up like an overheated boiler in a steam ship. Once flooded with sea water the mid-atlantic ridge cooled and shrank. Being on top of a fifty miles of hot rock ended and the shrinkage of a small percent, (the high point of the Azores plateau is just three quarters of a mile below the surface), has dropped that part of Earth’s surface several kilometers from where it had been as a populated island. It was important to Europe’s evolution and remains entrenched in the memories of humanity, for the peoples who lived there were advanced humans, very similar to us today. We do not share the incarnation cycle with those of Tiamat and our awareness of them is limited. The people of Atlantis were coexistent with the evolving human hybrids that roamed the planet as nomads, and were aware of the ongoing genetic alterations they were being subjected to around the world, but must have regarded it as a long range effort to improve the nomads lives and help them become truly civilized. The arrival of the refugees from the attacked Moon changed everything and set in motion a series of calamities that would eventually destroy most civilization on the surface of the Earth, but because the approach and passage of the huge space craft tipped the planet as it passed two places served as the horizontal pivot for the tipping, the center of Africa was largely stable during this time as were the areas on the surface North and South of it, including Egypt.

The details of the Tiamat people and their genetic menagerie living here are less important than the general nature of their opposition, which seems to have been (and remains) a coalition of the Orion Empire’s space-faring civilizations with an intent to assure peace in the Galaxy along with a better way of life for the more than twenty civilization who were investing in the Great Experiment. The former residents of Tiamat, the destroyed Super Earth in our solar system became regarded as an ongoing menace to peace and their genetic experiments on Earth were regarded as a crime of the worst sort, an assault on the Grand Design for Earth and the Galaxy, that was being carefully nurtured for more than two hundred thousand years. What has emerged about this time frame is a plan to create new genetic template for incarnation of all the more than twenty civilizations who were involved here. It is not just about genetic tinkering, but about creating a greater civilization across the Galaxy.  True peace based upon a new common thread.

I am saying this because nothing else makes as much sense as this. If we are to believe the Cabal and their efforts to convince us they are our rulers due to a Divine inheritance, then we need to examine their claims and understand from whom they claim descent. I am saying that they are descended from the Galactic Sociopaths who were the object of three massive attacks from space, attacks that destroyed a planet, a moon base with billions of inhabitants and then most of the people on Earth in 9400 BC.

Corey Goode has brought a variety of claims and information forward about this, which we can piece to together to understand the what and why of the catastrophe of 9400 BC. The most revealing information regards the bodies found “flash frozen” among the ruins of a high tech society occupying Antarctica, one that came to ignoble end suddenly, apparently in one day. The bodies are basically of two types, a larger, spindly type around twelve feet tall with a bulbous skull extending both back and to the sides, and one that appears to a hybridized version between 6 and 8 feet tall with an elongated skull like we see in the Paracas digs and also in the images of Akhenaton and Nefertiti in Egypt.

The records being found in Antarctica reveal a civilization that was global in scope, one that had seeded cultures on all of the continents using their hybrid humans like Akhenaton in Egypt, who may have been part of their Royal line who went into stasis for thousands of years, similar to what is being reported today about the Royals within the large space craft that crash landed on Antarctica more than fifty thousand years ago. This idea is not inconsistent with other finds concerning stasis giants reported in the alternative media. The stasis technology appears to be in the form of a slab of stone able to stop time, making those lying on it age not at all. It is very possible that these capabilities existed in Egypt at the time of the catastrophe in 9400 BC.

Egypt is the most obvious example of a civilization seeded by the post catastrophe refugees, with numerous examples around the world based upon the ruins and myths in those locations. South America has the Paracas people and the giant of Tierra del Fuego reported by the Spanish navigator Magellan when they sailed around Cape Horn between South America and Antarctica.

Up the western coast the ruins of a coastal city complex, Tiwanaku, now lies at 12667 feet above sea level in spite of having all of the resources of a sea port, docks, quays and warehouses, evidence that it was suddenly lifted from sea level during a catastrophe so great that the Andes were thrust up in a single movement of the Earth’s crust. Evidence indicates that there was an existing coastal mountain range to the south before the cataclysm, so Tiwanaku must have been located on the mouth of  river opening into the Pacific ocean, but it is also possible that access could have been from the Atlantic coast via a more navigable seaway through the Amazon basin. Today the land west of the Andes is only 700 feet of elevation, with the rivers that run through it large enough for shipping goods on seaworthy boats. Either east or west of Tiwanaku the land rises to over 14000 feet, so how it could have been a seaport baffles the imagination since any passage would mean that the Andes rose to their current elevation since that time.

Most of the seeded cultures were on the sea coast like Tiwanaku, but were submerged rather than elevated, so we have no evidence of their existence except for myths and the occasional out of place artifact. Mostly we have the existence of the survivors remains, elongated skulls of them usually found in the burying places of the elites of that time. Often the survivors became the priest class of the humans who also survived the cataclysm, but who multiplied rapidly to become the basis of the new societies after the devastation. If we assume that the elongated skull people were the remnants of the Antarctic civilization we find them all over the planet, meaning that they survived in bands and remained a viable population up until the great floods of 3000 BC.

That the Antartica Civilization had set up colonies all over our planet seems incontestable to me, based on archeologic evidence, but what we are discovering from revelations by the scientists who have been in the Antarctic ruins is that they were experimenting on all the life forms of the planet. Reports of human hybrids with tails, claws and many other forms of animal genetics seem to represent them as totally out of control regarding the genetic affects on their presence, promising that if they had continued their rule, all genetic diversity would have been compromised.

We should now discuss the level of technology possessed by the space-faring civilizations that had attacked and destroyed the Tiamat population and then those who survived on what is now known as Earth’s Moon. From the reports we have about the Secret Space Programs, we know that there were more than twenty of the “genetic farmer” civilizations nurturing human colonies for their own purposes, which I am saying were to use the new hybrids as vehicles for their own incarnations.  If we are to believe this, we can also believe that they were upset, even “freaked out” by the potential for the Antarctic Pre-Adamites to completely hybridize Earths population, ruining their chances for new bodies and a peaceful future galactic culture.

Today we all speak of ascension, but those advanced cultures knew about it, indeed, they were planning on it to be the key to their genetic interventions. What they were adding from their own DNA was enough for them to be able to incarnate in the bodies that would eventually exist AFTER the Ascension process had completed. The actions of the PreAdamites threatened this project and for that reason it was decided by the coalition to save their (more than twenty) experiments by removing them from the face of the Earth before the disaster and then return them after the planet had become habitable again. The idea that is often put forth about Noah or that Enki saved some populations to repopulate the Earth glosses over the idea that we have many human strains on the planet who must have been saved too, almost everyone of these ancient cultures has a tradition of being taken to a safe place from which they reemerged to repopulate their homeland. Enki had a lot of help, and today we are learning that there were twenty-two ET groups working to genetically improve life on Earth. How many were focused on humanity is not clear, but it was many more than just Enki.

Examining all of this information, the conclusion that the catastrophe of 9400 BC was intentional seems very plausible. We know that these space faring cultures have ships as big as planets, we can see them around the sun today, gathering plasma or emerging from it as though it is a galactic Stargate for them. We regularly see images of the Sun with the Earth superimposed against it, and the spherical space craft shown near the sun are obviously much larger than that.  The discussion about the Annunaki and their “planet” Nibiru should be revised to accommodate the idea that it may have been an interstellar craft like the one we see near the sun.

It is not a flight of fancy to believe they could use a planet sized ship as a weapon to affect Earth to yield a desired affect, that being a global cataclysm capable of destroying the genetic experiments of the Antarctica Civilization. There can be little doubt that an alliance of ET Civilizations, the Orion Empire, could have caused the damage to our planet using tidal forces from its mass simply passing too close to the Earth

The most important question about the catastrophe is: How did it move Antarctica to the South Pole?

At first it seemed that the end of the pleistocene era could only have been the result of a major impact event, a large comet or asteroid must have hit the Laurentide ice sheet. Research since then has not confirmed that this is true, the evidence to support it does not appear to exist, since such an event would have left debris from the object all over the world. This is particularly true when considering how large it would have to have been to cause the world wide changes seen on the planet.

So I have ranged further in my search and read the supposed histories provided by alternate sources. Few of these historical narrative offer any information about the dramatic shift that created a “flash frozen” civilization in Antarctica or its relationship to our history. Other sources such as the Secret Space Program are tainted by their own agendas.

For instance, the secret space program likes to say that the missing planet exploded only 500,000 years ago because they asked their computer program called “Brilliant Pebbles” about it and it tracked all the debris flying around the solar system back to that time. However, an Earth based astronomer named Opik did the math and came back with 3,200,000 years ago. My guess is that the SSP has an agenda that only works if we believe it happened more recently.

Cobra has suggested that the population in Antarctica were the source of the Archons, a population that originated in the Andromeda Constellation. For this to be true they would have had to colonize Tiamat and become dominant there. This idea is certainly possible, they were sociopathic and may have been forced by war to leave their place of origin. Their history is not known at this time, but may be revealed from the archeological research ongoing in Antarctica today.

Surprising correlations are coming from the narrative of Robert Morning Sky. His work is called “The Terra Papers” and is the result of an interview with an ET during the late 1940’s. In this interview the ET offered a history of the solar system going back to its formation, meaning the period when it first cooled into a sun with a few planets. Its a crazy amount of time for us, but not for an ET capable to traversing the cosmos. It is similar to the work from Zacharia Sitchin in that it references a cast of royals who came here to exploit natural resources, but expands greatly on that Idea.

I have been finding correlations to it and linking them to the long article written by Morning Sky on this website, and now I have found an explanation for the end of the Pleistocene era in it, which I have alluded to earlier.  According to Morning Sky, the feud between the two princes, Enlil and Enki was the cause of this disaster. His reference is very short and I quote it below.

As the beasts (humans) in the wild progressed through the efforts of Prince EA (Enki), Lord Prince EN-LIL became further angered with the creatures.

Though many of the ADAPA beasts (humans) still served loyally and faithfully in the ERIDU compound, still the Lord of the Word felt hatred and distrust for the creature.

The AR Flagship, the ASA-RRR Ship of State, was expected to arrive in ERIDU soon. Knowing that the massive Deathship caused an enormous gravitational pull, the Prince decided to steer the course of the AR into a path he could utilize. By changing the path over the icy poles, the gravitational pull would be strong enough to cause glaciers to fall into ocean.

Is this the Event of 9400 BC?

Something happened in 9400 BC, but it was not an impact event, it did however affect the planet in ways that suggest a tremendous force was applied, one that affected the planet in ways not indicated in this text. It caused far more devastation that anticipated by Enlil for these purposes.

This in turn would cause needed environmental changes – If a resultant flooding destroyed the beasts, then so be it!

The Prince of the Word could justify the sacrifice of the beasts in exchange for the warming of the planet, the increasing of the amount of usable ocean waters, and the end of an ice age gripping the upper and lower hemispheres. All of that was of significantly greater import than the fate of the beast.

When Lord K-D EA discovered the plans of his brother, he made immediate protest. But the Lord of the Word would give no heed. And to make matters worse. Prince EN-LIL forbade a single ADAMUS be spared, only the loyal ADAPA would be given shelter from the flood waters. The renegade beasts would be sacrificed if necessary, they had broken the Commands. And, the Lord of the word cautioned the Prince, giving warning to the beast was aiding an enemy of the State, a heinous crime!

Prince EA was trapped! To work with rejected creatures, that was one thing, to give Royal aid was another. With not much choice in the matter. Prince EA gave his solemn oath to remain silent, giving no warning about the impending floods. Though reluctant to accept his brother’s Word, Prince EN-LIL continued his plans for the ceremonial arrival of the AR.

But the Genesis Prince could not allow his beast to die. In secret. Lord EA made plans. Taking several of the beasts to the underground caverns of the ‘HEN-T’ hybrids, and other beasts to mountain highlands. Prince EA assured the survival of at least some of the beasts. As a final measure. Lord EA had a special cargo ship constructed that would sail far out into the ocean, away from the regions most likely to suffer. With these secret plans Prince EA kept ADAMUS alive and his experiment intact.

When the mighty AR returned, the floods began as EN-LIL had expected them to. He felt relieved, the beast would not be around to disturb him any more. When the floods subsided, and Lord EN-LIL discovered the deceit of his brother, his rage was uncontrollable. The two Princes confronted each other in the ERIDU Palace. Each had betrayed the other.

Lord EN-LIL had attempted to destroy the prototypes of Prince EA’s beast in Its early stages. Lord EA had tried to undo his brother’s administration by tampering with the beast’s breeding. EN-LIL had tried to destroy the beast with a flood, EA had broken a promise not to warn his creation, the beast.

Lord Enlil is unusually contrite over this, suggesting that his plan to raise the sea levels had done far more damage than intended, or that the planet had been so depleted of population that the ability of his administration to function was threatened. From the perspective of the advanced peoples in Antarctica and Atlantis being wiped out by his misadventure it was far more than shaking  few glaciers loose, the great space craft must have passed much closer than needed for that, so close that both ice caps were dislodged from their places on the planet, a disaster of several magnitudes more than needed.

This brings me to one of the surprising issues revealed here: the time frames for these events are surprisingly close to our time, and not, as many suggest in movies and other narratives, as belonging to a galaxy far far away in a time that is unrelated to our own.

Like I said above the changes did not correlate to an impact event, but would require forces only present with an extraterrestrial action. Here we are reading that it was the tidal forces from a piloted craft as big as a planet that so disturbed the Earth it rocked it in its path.

Then we see that after the destruction the one who ordered this close fly-by of the planet-sized space craft, Prince En-Lil, offered the remaining survivors (Prince En-Ki’s hybrids) tools for agriculture, which then correlates to the actual appearance of the cultivation of cereal crops right at that time.  Some researchers say it was it mountain highlands while others say it was in the fertile crescent. Both make sense in this context.

Back to time frame issues.

So the population of hybrids created and nurtured by Enki were saved and began to multiply, so that after about three thousand years, by around 6000 BC they were again a source of concern between the Princes and so they had a war. Nuclear weapons were used. Cities were destroyed. Vast numbers of people died. Nuclear fallout decimated populations around the world. Then the brothers suffered a game of thrones situation in which the son of Enki (Marduk) seized the planet and put into place his control system based on the world of Nephilim and his system persevered for about four thousand years until about 2200 BC.

Morning Sky does not offer this timetable, I have rently added this myself. I do believe it correlates to the Vedic Scriptures though, and the presence of extraterrestrial activities is attested there as well as in the Bible. What is also attested is that there was an ongoing war against the genetic hybrids other than the ones created by Enki. Both of the princes were using them their purposes by 6000 BC but the presence of the other hybrids, the red haired giants, which we now know were the result of the Pre-Adamites work were not tolerated by the Princes or the house of Orion from which they came. The comet-impact-induced floods of Noah (around 3000 BC) were another effort to destroy them as were the demands of theEnLil, now reported to be the Israelite god, in order to destroy all traces of the Pre-Adamite genetic lines in Canaan.

This campaign of destruction mounted against the giants seems to have been taken to the Americas, where the indigenous peoples developed a sense that it was their duty to destroy the giants and eliminate them from the Earth, which they did. The fact the giants were famous for eating people did not help their survival odds.

Although the inclusion of the ideas about our planets origin as a mining colony for a 3D/4D galactic empire is similar to what Zakaria Sitchin has written, what Robert Morning Sky presents in his Terrra Papers continues to offer explanations for scientific anomalies presented by present day researchers. The last century has seen tens of thousands of books published about alien contact, in the present and in the past, The “aliens” come from all over the galaxy and from other dimensions too, but few have offered a narrative that matches with the others, so the claims from Morning Sky that connect the story of two princes to Earth’s history, the same claims made by Sitchin and others suggests that this is true or that he is influenced by them. We must decide for ourselves which option best fits with everything else we know and are discovering. I am as surprised as anyone by this. His writing and presentation style seem intended to make the story seem like a fantasy, but it is an oral history in the tradition of the native culture and so is meant to be easy to follow as it unwinds.

I think he is telling the truth about where his information came from, that an ET from a downed space craft was taken in by his grandfather and told this history to a group of young tribal members as a way of thanking them for helping him. As for the many details within the story, who can say what was lost in the telling. My effort to connect the dots about the true history of Earth seems to be helped by his narrative, so I continue to treat it with respect.

Antarctica becomes the South Pole

The movement of the oceans in their beds was magnified when it converged in the South approaching Antarctica. There is every reason to believe that the vast waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans would have had the power to lift the South Polar ice sheet and carry it with the waters to wherever they were headed. As mentioned earlier, it seems to have lifted several miles of ice up and dropped it on Antarctica, where it broke up and released millions of gallons of ice water across the then temperate regions of the Antarctic continent.

This surging ice water would have been under great pressure within the ice sheet when it collapsed and its temperature was well below freezing as it was released onto the land, rushing like a super cold flood across the entire landscape, and when it stopped moving, it froze hard, trapping not only the inhabitants of that civilization, but the ice sheet as well, working like fast hardening cement to hold the ice where it landed.

With the Southern Ice sheet moved from where it had been for millions of years, and much of the Northern Ice sheet melted or vaporized into the atmosphere the weight distribution of the planet was wrong for the spin rotation that had existed for those millions of years while the ice had accumulated around the south pole.

Earth has a heavy spot beneath central Africa, the result of an ancient iron asteroid impact during its formation as a planet. It can be seen as a circular plain in the heart of the Congo, right on the equator. If you study the theory of tectonic s, or continental drift as illustrated by the break up of ancient Pangaea, you will notice that Africa has remained stable while the other continents moved away from it. This can be attributed to the heavy spot, a region so dense that it anchors Africa into the mantle like a great spike.

When the weight of the ice shifted, the planet was rocking and sought to stabilize itself as it rotated in its orbit around the Sun. It was the Central African heavy spot’s angular momentum that controlled the outcome that day, as it kept the spin rotation going around the weight of the Southern Ice Sheet, even though it had shifted almost thirty degrees from its previous location.

So much happened that day, an entire world was swept away in great winds, floods and earthquakes beyond our ability to imagine. When the survivors struggled out amidst the wreckage of their world nothing they had known remained. Civilization was ended and the majority of the survivors on the surface perished due to starvation and conflict with others over what little was left.

What followed the catastrophe was a slow return of populations with organized communities and civilization but in spite of the fact that there are broad variations in the dating and proofs of the catastrophe, no other hypothesis can make sense of what is now known about Antarctica and its “Flash Frozen” Civilization. Several more efforts were made to erase the genetic experiments on the planet, ranging from Noah’s flood to the assault on Canaan and the destruction of all its inhabitants, with both events having been directed by “god”, whom we can assume from this narrative was part of the effort to restore the Grand Experiment to its intended course.

I will discuss many other issues in an update of this article. It is important that we understand our history since the end of the last ice age, for it tells us who genetically altered our population and why they did it. The Sumerian history speaks of Enki, but research in Antarctica shows that he was not the only one. Testimony from whistleblowers in the Secret Space Program talk about an alliance of   22 ET groups who have been doing this for millennia.

The truth about this will emerge in the near future as Earth and humanity are ready to accept responsibility for our place in the Cosmos.


DMA February 2018

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