above the line thinking

Above the LINE thinking

by Danell – www.prepareforchangeleadership.org and www.prepareforchange.net author
I challenge everyone to see, learn, and know where you operate from. Are you an “Above the Line thinker” (& doer) or do you function and live “below the Line”? Make any corrections. Watch your thoughts, words and actions.

I want to leave my blessing on you that actually read this information.

Dear Source of all . . . the mother/father principle that runs through all beings, space, time and infinity, Divine Goddess, Divine Creator. We, as a collective of sentient beings, request divine guidance and assistance.

We are brought here at this time and space in this 3D and beyond world to work together, to help free all from the ignorance, tyranny and control that we have been under. We are always grateful to be on this Earth plane, even with it’s difficulties. We give thanks to this Mother Earth who so selflessly gives all for us. It grieves us to know that beings are trying to harm this Earth and the land, water, seas, animals and humans. We are sorry for the many negative beliefs and experiences we encounter and that we have been led to believe and experience. Free our minds, hearts and souls to be able to experience our higher self, our divine being, that we in turn can help be that hero who loves and serves and at times, saves others and our beautiful planet and galaxy. Help us to respond willingly to good causes. Free us from the mind control implants and negative frequency generators. Increase our intuition and discernment. Let us have the clarity we need to take action on behalf of our own self and the communities we live in.

Guide us to be responsible for our self, our actions and correct and cancel any negative actions and words we have already given out. I’m sorry this world and the negative elements have taken over. I’m sorry for all the misery and darkness visited upon light beings. I Love you. Please love yourself, open your heart to love, ask to be in line with love, to feel and expand that love throughout your community, world and galaxy. Please forgive me, forgive yourself, forgive those that you feel have harmed you. Free yourself from that poison and forgive, so you can take a stand for truth, light and LOVE. Forgive so you can be a force for good. Stop wallowing in your misery and addictions. Take your power back and take action for yourself. Choose love and choose forgiveness and choose action for the light. Thank you Divine Creator/Goddess for this knowing, lessons, intrigue and solution. Thank you for lifting this earth out of the darkness, for opening our eyes, our minds and our hearts to Light and to Love. May we all bring The EVENT soon. Victory of the Light.

This or something greater.
Be it so. . .in the most benevolent outcome, Ho’oponopono

Danell Glade

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